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Collegiate Stadiums Projecting Pro Brands

My son and I throughly enjoyed watching The Ohio State University Buckeyes shred the Miami of Ohio Redhawks on a recent Saturday afternoon. Following an early afternoon downpour, the humidity and recently-cleared skies brought a healthy glimmer to everyone's skin. It was hot. Which makes folks thirsty. A few years back, Ohio State, like many other universities, began selling beer during football games. As a college student and later as an alumni, I experienced some of the greatest tailgating in the country--frequently enjoying a beverage or two. Why not bring it inside and further line the pockets of the university? The argument at the time centered less around the fiscal and more around alleviating the need for ticketholders to drink intensely immediately before the game knowing they would need to last through a 4 hour contest. The university claimed people would enter the stadium less intoxicated knowing they could get their fill inside. I would love it if the Sociology dep