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VSTS 2010: Architecture Edition Presentation

Recently, I had the pleasure of co-presenting (probably generous...I more just rode shotgun :) on VSTS 2010: Architecture Edition with Randy Pagels , Developer Platform Technical Specialist with Microsoft. We spoke to an impressively-attended internal user group at Cincinnati Financial . Thank you Randy for the invitation to co-present and Cincinnati Financial for having us in. To be honest, I'm not a big fan of the current 2008 Architecture Edition. Too rigid. Doesn't roll with the punches very well. It's more of a lay-down-the-law boundaries at the beginning of the project without the flexibility of absorbing feedback and instituting ongoing, evolutionary change. The new version seems much more flexible and functional. It imposes a model / architecture but can be (and expects to be) adjusted easily over the life of the project. One can also institute a confirmation check of the code against the model during the automated build. It's less overbearing and more of a q

Off Topic: Chicago Must-Eat Foods

This is a frequent topic of conversation with friends visiting Chicago. I lived there for 8 years and loved Chicago...well, except for the October to May winters. Chicago has great sports, culture, festivals, events, shopping and...of course food. So I can avoid regurgitating this list every time I'm asked, here we go: Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinders (Pizza in a bowl...owner remembers wait list by your face) Cafe Babareeba (Spanish tapas) Giordano's (deep dish pizza; pass on Gino' where near as good) Portillo's (Loaded dogs) Joe's (get the Stone Crab if it's in season) Mon Ami Gabi (French) Tizi Melloul (Mediterranean) Mia Francesca's (Italian) Star of Siam (Tai) Mitchell's (breakfast) I'm sure I'm forgetting something but that's a good start. Enjoy!