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If you work for a State or Local Government operation in central Ohio, bug your boss to attend TFS Day December 9th and 10th. Along with Brian Prince and Alexei Govorine , I'll be delivering a full day and a half on VSTS and TFS. Look forward to seeing you there!

BPM, Collaboration, and Workflow using Microsoft Office SharePoint Server

Cardinal Solutions is presenting a free seminar titled "BPM, Collaboration, and Workflow using Microsoft Office SharePoint Server", Thursday November 6th. Many organizations already own pieces of SharePoint, but struggle to leverage the tool to solve real business problems outside of team workspaces. In this Lunch and Learn, we will cover the various feature areas of MOSS and the business problems that each of them solve. We will discuss the different versions of SharePoint and compare / contrast what is included in each. Finally, we will take a deeper dive into Business Process Management to demonstrate the various options when implementing workflow-based solutions with MOSS. Who should attend? IT Managers who are involved in application development and enterprise integration Enterprise Architects who drive the technical vision for the organization Senior Leadership who wants more flexibility and agility out of existing IT assets Click Here to Register Or Call 877-673-83

Meet the Principal Group Manager of VSTS Test!

"Mark Mydland is the Principal Group Manager of the Visual Studio Team System Test Edition team (that means that all program managers, developers, and testers on VSTS Test in Redmond report up to him)." See Jennifer's post . We'll be hosting Mark on November 14th during the day at a client but I'm also excited to announce he'll also be delivering a technical talk that evening in conjunction with CONDG and COALMG at the Microsoft Polaris offices.

Enabling Unit Test Harnesses Against Internal Methods

Being a purist, I like to lock down my classes and methods with private and internal so as not to expose functionality unnecessarily as public. This presents a problem with unit testing. The test harness cannot see internal methods...even on a public class. I had been editing the code to mark the method public, executing tests in debug mode, and then re-editing the method back to internal. best. As a far more optimal and usable alternative, add an InternalsVisibleTo directive to your AssemblyInfo.cs file. It opens the door to test harnesses to internal methods. [assembly: System.Runtime.CompilerServices.InternalsVisibleTo("[Namespace of test harness here without brackets]")]

Microsoft Dog Food Developer Conference

On November 20th in Columbus, OH I'll be participating in the Microsoft Dog Food Developer Conference at the Microsoft Polaris offices. Hope to see you there! (I'll let Brian Prince articulate the details ...) Update (11/26/2008): Blankenburg's photos from the day. Not my best side. ;-)