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VSTS / TFS 2008 VirtualPC User Roles

I use the Visual Studio Team System / Team Foundation Server VirtualPC trial frequently for demos. However, I can never remember the users and their roles presented in the various scenarios / labs. (and they don't appear to be documented anywhere) For the record: Darren - Administrator Nicole - User Andrew - CIO Art - Architect Grzegorz - Developer Jacqui - PM Larry - BA Renee - Tester Sonia - DBA TFSSetup - Administrator

Software Development Meme

Called out by Jeff Blankenburg (isn't this like a chain letter from the 80's? ;-)... How old were you when you started programming? Trying to remember...I think about 11. Somehow, my Dad had this premonition prediction that computers would become important and bought a Timex-Sinclair 1000 for me--with a whopping 2KB of memory. Reviewing the manual on how to program with BASIC (not sure about those semi-colons...): 10 Print "Hello"; 20 Goto 10; Run I had written my first program! I tried saving it to the cassette tape (huh?) drive but that never seemed to work quite right. About the same time, my neighbor acquired a Commodore 64 --with a 5 1/4" floppy! (they were loaded ;-). He also subscribed to some Commodore magazine where they listed (yes, this was before the Internet...and before including disks with magazines) 1,000+ line programs which one could type in. Well, we actually did this. That's where I learned to type without looking and when I first