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I am Green Lantern

Your results: You are Green Lantern Green Lantern 70% Spider-Man 70% Hulk 70% Robin 68% Superman 60% Iron Man 50% The Flash 50% Batman 50% Supergirl 48% Wonder Woman 43% Catwoman 25% Hot-headed. You have strong will power and a good imagination. Click here to take the "Which Superhero are you?" quiz...

TFS Links, Tools, Blogs, Books, etc.

Update 03/25/2008: I've begun managing this list in tagged under TFS . Some of my favorite Team Foundation Server / VS.Net Team Edition tools and links: Value-add, Marketing Why the heck should I use Team Foundation Server ... a common question Best Practices Ask what Team System can do for you Tools Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Team Foundation Power Tools Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Power Toy Power Toys Process Template Editor GUI TFS Synchronizer 1.1 for Mercury Quality Center Naren's List Team Foundation Server Administration Tool Links Accentient TFS Link Mecca Team System Rocks CodePlex Digerati Tech Buck Hodges TFS Tools List MSDN TFS Forums VSTS Resources Map (Clark Sell's Mind TFS Build Recipes Guidance CodePlex VSTS Guidance CodePlex Performance Testing Guidance CodePlex Branching Guidance Prescriptive Guidance for Visual Studio Team System patterns & practices Team Development with TFS Guide Operations Gu

Favorite C#.Net Interview Question: Numeric Conversions

I like to ask a wide variety of technical questions targeted to the candidate's seniority during interviews. My favorite C# question focuses on converting an Int64 into an Int32. Hopefully, this isn't something you need to perform often (poor design) but occasionally we have to clean up after the other guy, right? ;-) (If you interview with me and are reading this post-consider it a gimme...and hopefully you learned something anyway.) Situation: We have an Int64 "b" I need to convert into an Int32 "a". How should we set a = b in the safest manner (i.e. no data loss)? Here are some options: Line 15 does not compile throwing a "Cannot implicitly convert type 'long' to 'int'. " exception. Line 17 properly raises an OverflowException. Line 19 does _not_ throw an exception. a's value incorrectly becomes 1569325055. Line 21 properly raises an OverflowException. In my opinion, the style in Line 17 is the best because it leverage

Online Regular Expression Evaluator

I don't use regular expressions daily but when I do I always find myself starting from scratch-trying to download some tool. And it's never the same one I used the last time so I have to re-learn an interface. Here's an excellent regular expression tool leveraging even includes a nice cheat sheet.

Death to DRM

Props to Steve Jobs for finally calling a spade a spade and dismissing DRM as an ineffective solution to rights management. I'm all for protection of author/artist rights but DRM just isn't getting the job done. DRM is simply the major record/movie houses trying to solve the problem with technology. We see this all the time in business. It's easy to treat everything like a nail if all you have is a hammer. Get creative. Come up with a solution that works-hint: it's not technology.