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.Net Application Security Primers

Threat Modeling Security Patterns & Practices ASP.Net Web Application Security fxCop security rules MSDN Developer Security Center Watchfire commercial-grade web application security assessment tool Open Web Application Security Project ( OWASP ) .Net Developer's Guide to Windows Security Distilled: The .NET Developer's Guide to Windows Security .Net Security Workshop

SOA Primer

Service-oriented architecture (Wikipedia) Service Orientation and Its Role in Your Connected Systems Strategy Understanding Service-Oriented Architecture Architecting Disconnected Mobile Applications Using a Service Oriented Architecture Service-Oriented Architecture: Considerations for Agile Systems Service-Oriented Architecture: Implementation Challenges SOA Challenges: Entity Aggregation New to SOA and Web Services Service-Oriented, Distributed, High-Performance Computing Service-Oriented Integration Developing Service-Oriented Architectures Messaging Patterns in Service-Oriented Architecture, Part 1 Messaging Patterns in Service Oriented Architecture, Part 2 Implementing Service-Oriented Integration with BizTalk Server 2004 Legacy and Business Partner Integration: Using Service-Oriented Architecture for Integration Service Gateway Pattern Service Orientation in Enterprise Computing Secure, Reliable, Transacted Web Services: Architecture and Composition Application