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Internationalization and Globalization Support within .Net

Assignment Manager,1759,1372407,00.asp Assignment Manager is a student computer science project submittal and tracking software product written in C# Microsoft ships with the Academic SKU of Visual Studio. My firm was contracted by Microsoft to build the original Assignment Manager in early 2000-before .Net was even released. It was intended to serve as an example of how best to compile a solution of this nature. The product has since become shared source and has changed somewhat. From the official description: The Assignment Manager enables faculty to manage courses, track assignments, notify students of grades as well as student modules. And the Visual Studio .Net Academic Tools Source Licensing Program gives academic users access to source code for the Ass

SQL Server 2005 Express Tools Pulled

At the last minute, MS appears to have pulled the GUI tools from Express. After installing VS.Net 2005, I was baffeled to find its omission. As a "work around", one can install a free CTP management toolset . Also missing from the base install (apparently to reduce target surface area...a good thing) are the sample databases and documentation .