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Inno installation script: VB6, MSDE, MDAC

An Inno installation script I wrote to install a VB6 application and optionally, MSDE and MDAC. It also executes several database scripts as well as prompts the user to install MSDE or choose an existing SQL Server database. ; MyApp Install Script ; Author: Jeff Hunsaker ; Version: #define AppName "MyApp" #define AppNameLong "My App" #define AppPublisher "My Firm, Inc." #define Ver1 "1" #define Ver2 "0" #define Ver3 "0" #define Ver4 "0" #define MinVersion "4.1.1998,4.0.1381sp5" #define DBInstance "DBInstance" ;when MSDE installed locally/new #define DBDatabase "DBDatabase" #define DBDefaultSaPassword "sapassword" #define DBDefaultSaAccount "sa" #define DBAppUserName "AppUser" #define DBAppPassword "password" #define DBDefaultServer "(LOCAL)" #define DBDSN "MyApp" #define DBDSNDescription = "My App" [S

Google Hack: overriding word breaks

Recently, while working on an Inno installer project, I grew frustrated at Google for returning many " no..." results while searching for the string "inno". The solution to override word breaks in Google is to add a preceeding "+" (e.g. +Inno). Not sure why but I thought it was cool I actually received a response from Google: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Re: [#26513876] inno search 1 message -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mon, May 23, 2005 at 8:02 PM To: Hi Jeff, Thank you for your note. To help "force" a particular search term, you can include a + symbol in front of the word or words you're searching for. For example, a search for [ +inno ] returns the following search results: For additional tips, ple

Virtual PC for MSDN Windows 98

I had the darnest time establishing a MS Virtual PC instance using the MSDN copy of Windows 98 SE. The Windows XP and 2000 bootable CDs prompted me during installation while Windows 98, living in a subdirectory and not bootable, just kept throwing errors. Finally, I came up with the following: 1. Obtain a Window 98 boot disk (I ended up using ). (A little scary from a security aspect, but I needed to get this done) 2. Boot from this disk normally until arriving at a command prompt 3. fdisk the virtual C: drive 4. format the virtual C: drive 5. copy the Windows 98 installation directory and files from the CD onto the virtual C: 6. execute setup.exe from the directory where you just copied the files BTW, it would be an improvement if Virtual PC MSDN would include vanilla installations for all the MS operating systems. Windows XP and 2000 are straightforward but Windows 98 is tricky and they all consume quite a bit of time to establish. A fat DVD containing vanilla instanc

Great discussion implementation:

I think Scott's lawn care site does an outstanding job providing very helpful information in a discussion format. The branding matches the root web site dead on, it looks very professional yet fresh and appealing, and real live experts (e.g. "Scotts WebLawn Guy") monitor the site providing resolution to otherwise elusive problems. Accounts are integrated with the site but one doesn't need to log in to view discussion postings. The technology is Fuse Talk available in Cold Fusion and ASP.Net. Basic edition is $129. Finally, this vehicle creates a huge marketing win for Scott's. For example, check out this softball thread. Scotts WebLawn Guy knocks one out of the park when asking "If Scotts could make (product idea) that would (blank), I would definitely buy it." and receiving 21 posts !