Saturday, October 10, 2009

SQL Server Reporting Services 2008 Presentation

Recently, I delivered a client presentation on SQL Server Reporting Services 2008. There were some follow-ups I thought I’d share:

Q. After creating and deploying an .RDL file to Report Manager, later, when I want to modify it, can I bring it back into BIDS?

A. Yes. Simply create a new, empty Reporting Services project within BIDS and then Add >> Existing, browse out and open the existing .RDL file. You may need to make some minor edits if you were using a shared data source.


Q. Compare Report Builder 2.0 with BIDS.

A. Reference this page:


Q. Compare SSRS 2008 for Standard and Enterprise SQL Server editions.

A. Reference this document:



Additional, informative article:

Q. Is there a freely available version of SSRS?

A. Yes. SQL Express optionally includes a scaled-back version of SSRS. Download here:

Q. Book recommendations?

A. I really like “Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services”, by Brian Larson.

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