Tuesday, December 09, 2008

TFS SLG Deep Dive

Thanks for everyone who came out to our State and Local Government (SLG) deep dive on TFS 2008 today. Alexei and I enjoyed the great conversations that ensued. A few follow-ups from the meeting:

Looking forward to hosting a full SDLC in a Box on February 4-5 at the Microsoft MPR at Polaris!

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Andrew Frank said...

Thank you for contributing to this meeting Jeff. The information that you provided has helped me to better understand how we can better leverage Team Foundation Server for producing higher quality code, which will result in added value for our customers. One of the most valuable take aways for my team was that if we are using TFS for version control only, then we are not getting the ROI that we might have expected. TFS is expensive for version control, but when it is used as a tool to ensure governance and quality of code practices, there is a significant value. Thanks again.