Tuesday, November 25, 2008

TFS: TF.exe Workspace Maps $/ by Default

Team Foundation Server's (TFS) command-line interface tf.exe workspace option maps a working folder to the server root $/ by default. That I can find, there's no way to turn this off. To combat this behavior, you'll want to unmap the default after adding in your desired folder mapping(s).

>tf workspace /new /noprompt /s:http://TFSRTM08:8080 MyWorkspace

>tf workfold $/SampleProject c:\src\SampleProject /workspace:MyWorkspace /s:http://TFSRTM08:8080

>tf workfold /unmap $/


Anonymous said...

Thanks! Very helpful!!!

David Atkinson said...

Your post just saved me a lot of wasted time when setting up a CI demo for SQL Server databases. I have been finding the msdn documentation for tf.exe particularly painful to use.

Many thanks!

David Atkinson
Red Gate

bourgon said...

Freaking useful, not just because of the mapping issue, but because I couldn't find anywhere the exact syntax to create a workspace programmatically. Thanks!

Jeff Hutton said...

Thank you. This is the only site on the web having the /noprompt part of the command. The MSDN info has that switch buried in the list, but I missed it. It would be helpful if they had an example of its use.


Jeff Hutton

Allan Bowe said...

alternatively, change your working directory before creating the workspace (will then map to that directory instead, by default)