Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Installing the .Net Framework 3.0 SP1 on Windows 2003 Server

I'm building an [automated] build server requiring the .Net 2.0 and 3.0 runtime. Unfortunately, at my client, they leverage a proxy server. The standard .Net 3.0 SP1 framework redist is really just a bootstrapper. Logged in as a local admin on the box, I didn't have the opportunity to authenticate the installation EXE with my domain credentials. So, the install kept timing out.

Finally, I found this helpful post from Aaron Ruckman on how to download the very elusive, full framework package. It's here, BTW (x86).

I finally get the full installation EXE downloaded to a fileshare, re-run the install and wham--"XPSEPSC: XPS must be installed..." Excuse you? This isn't an's a VM.

I found a few MSDN posts here and here outlining the problem. I'm still not clear on what XPSEPSC does (Google yielded little) but you can download it here
(x86). After installing XPSEPSC, the framework installed without issue.

Somewhat related, there is no .Net 3.0 SDK, perse. Because 3.0 is more an add-on to 2.0, the SDK remains [mostly] the same as detailed in this post. If you need specific 3.0 tools, look here.


Mark Churchill said...

Thanks for those links, that standalone package was proving difficult to track down for a while ;)

mpjames said...

haha - I ran the Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer yesterday on a server, and it said I needed .net 3.0 SP1. The download link points to some MSXML update file instead. Finding the d/l link for the redistributable is near impossible, and then I needed the XPSEPSC thingie as well. BTW, it turns out to be a printer driver package - see

SuckRaven said...

Actually, the link you have posted for the redistributable .NET Framework 3.0 SP1 is for x64.

will link to the file: NetFx30SP1_x64.exe

If you change the last digit in the LinkId to a 5 however,(so LinkId=98105) and paste it into your browser, you will get the NetFx30SP1_x86.exe file.

Hope this help some peeps out there.

Turtle said...

Thanks for the link to the .net 3.0 sp1 x64. I couldn't find it on Microsoft's download site.

Turtle said...

In case someone else needs it, the x64 XPSEPSC prerequisite files are here:

Walter said...

I found it the x32 bit version full download
here it is