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CodeMash 2008: Day 1

Well, day on of CodeMash 2008 is just about up. I'm in the last session of the day for me: F#. It's a functional language...code is data and all that. I can't say I'm mastering it or how I might leverage it but that's what CodeMash is all about: exposing yourself to topics and concepts one wouldn't normally be exposed to. I think of it as trying to minimize the "I don't know what I don't know" factor. I hate stumbling upon a great solution to a problem a few months after the problem was resolved with a more complicated solution.

I tried to keep myself out of the box most of the day attending sessions on:

I was also honored to gain an invitation to lunch with the keynote speaker Scott Hanselman. (Thanks Josh, Jeff.) It was a big group (~30) but he spoke of some interesting perspectives about how to get things done (i.e. release products) at Microsoft. He sounded as though he was already a bit frustrated at all the legal garbage often dictating Microsoft actions...after working there just 13 weeks. I've never seen Scott speak but he gave a very entertaining and informative presentation on IIS7. I got the impression Scott could give a good presentation on cantaloupes...he's just that kind of guy. I'm going to try to ask him how he became so comfortable on the podium. He's been speaking for years so...probably experience.

My other priority (aside from learning) for the conference is to meet folks. Now I'm an ISTJ (Myers-Briggs) so the days can be a bit tiring for an introvert! However, I must forge on and keep my energy up. In meeting people, I'm hoping to get the name of my firm out, help with recruiting, and engage myself in the community.

Tomorrow, I'm going to trend back closer to my domain:

  • Silverlight
  • WWF
  • Agile
  • C# 3.0

I'm also looking forward to socializing with folks from my firm (6 attendees + 2 sales/recruiting), and the other CodeMash attendees. QSI is sponsoring a happy hour and I'm hoping our sales guy will bust out the Amex Gold tonight!

Overall, again this year I am wildly impressed with the organization and variety of sessions coordinated by a non-profit, volunteer group. Jim Holmes, Brian Prince, Jeff Blankenberg, Josh Holmes, John Hopkins, Jason Follas, and a host of others I'm forgetting. Great work!


Unknown said…
Nice post. I totally agree. The speakers were great, and the organizers did a super job!!

I'd love to pick you're brain on a few things. Might be a free beer or food in it for you. ;)

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