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Making Money Online with Content

Over at my other blog, The Freestyle Entrepreneur, we're brainstorming how to actually turn a profit. I think we produce outstanding, compelling content. It's a really good read. But, as much as I like learning about blogging, the technology, and interactive marketing, admittedly, I'd also like to turn a profit on this investment (of my time).

To this end, I compiled a list of online resources we'll experiment with over the coming weeks. I thought I'd share my research here:
Definitive source for learning how to make money blogging: ProBloggerPaid reviews of products: Blogsvertise, PayPerPost, ReviewMeAffiliate marketing: Amazon, Wiley, Commission Junction, ClickBank, LinkShare, Chitika, etc.Gain advertisers on the site: 10 Ways…More Attractive, "Advertise with us Banner", " 7 Levels of Revenue for your Blog" (monthly, recurring advertisers, graphical banner ads, text link ads, etc.), CrispAds, BlogSponsorships, Finding Advertisers …

Historic Social Online Uprising over HD-DVD Decryption Key

Yesterday, the social networking site Digg community vehemently refused a cease and desist / take-down order on a user posting an HD-DVD decryption key (granting a very technical user the ability to copy DRM-protected movies) online.

Interestingly, Digg management/owners pulled the user post down. However, the community revolted and "forced" the post back online (by repeatedly re-posting the decryption key). This event should prove historic because a social / community uprising "won". The "protesters" may not have been right (as in law-abiding) but I think digital freedom is right (as in morally).

This looks a lot like the Boston Tea Party to me. No one likes DRM: it's intrusive and it interferes with my right to use the content. If I paid for Spiderman II on DVD, then it should damn well play on every single DVD player I own--including my laptop. Therefore, these protesters dumped the tea overboard by providing the entire Internet with the keys to the…