Saturday, April 14, 2007

DotNetNuke 4.5.0 Install

Struggled with this one. I have two sites to build so I downloaded the DNN 4.5.0 source and copied it into two separate directories within Inetpub. I downloaded and installed Visual Studio Web Express Edition.

I pulled up the first site (VS Web Express uses Web Sites vs. Web Applications), built it, and browsed to the site. I walked through the straightforward install wizard getting to the last step where the database scripts install. And it just scrolled the progress bar endlessly. I even let it run overnight. Nothing.

Finally, I bypassed the install wizard setting the UseInstallWizard to false within the web.config file. Afterwards, I browsed to the default page again and an pragmatic but successful script informed me the site had executed the scripts successfully and my portal was available!

Other than this hiccup, I'm impressed with the installation mechanism and functionality.

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