Tuesday, August 23, 2005

HOWTO: Remove the My Way Search Assistant

I abhor spyware. Recently, I was chagrinned to discover the "My Way Search Assistant" element within my Windows XP Add/Remove Programs on my new Dell Inspiron 6000. At first, I though I'd accidentally picked it up installing other software. After a Google search, I realized Dell factory installs the utility. Dell denies My Way is spyware but mysteriously prohibit its removal. (As you can tell, I love a conspiracy theory!)

So, here's how I removed the My Way Search Assistant:

1. Open the registry using a command line prompt regedit
2. Search for the string "My Way Search Assistant"
3. Once found, examine the other nodes within the same parent registry key. There should be one referencing an .msi file.
4. Browse to the directory of the .msi file.
5. Right-mouse on the .msi file selecting uninstall.

Happy hacking.


charmedone41 said...

what if it just says delete on the msi file

Jeff Hunsaker said...

Hmmmm, I'm not sure. That would lead me to believe it's the wrong MSI file. Double check your registry for the My Way Search Assistant making sure there aren't any additional MSI's referenced.